Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time for the Holidays!!!

Well it's almost that time for the holidays and do you think im prepared for it, NO!!! Well Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it will be the first thanksgiving without my family, as I am spending it with Roberts family, but we are gonna go to my aunts house later that night to have some of her delicious pumpkin pie and to visit a bit, since I havent in a while. Plus im tired of the critisim from my mother.

So last night I was like Betty Crocker and made a pumpkin loaf of bread and two kinds of jello- one is orange jello with mandarin oranges in it and the other is strawberry jello with strawberries in it. YUMMY!!!!!! Im soo excited for tomorrow and the yummy food and watching football and playing games. It will be some good times!!!

So this will be mine and roberts first BIG holiday together and as of yesterday we have been together for 6 months and plenty of more to come. YAY!!! I love him.

As of right now I am not wanting to work and wanting to go back to sleep. Cause some people had to work today unlike Robert, he got today off, so that means he has 5 days off, luck guy!!!

Ill blog more later on how the day goes!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just another day!!

Just another day in paradise at work, lol! Had to be at work a half hour earlier for a ALL STAFF meeting, which is bogus cause not everyone shows up half the time, so why do you make it a mandatory meeting, when not everyone shows. There should be some kind of penalty for not showing up, I mean if you have a ligit excuse like driving from prosser or a grandma's dead or even school (taking a test) then that is ok but not making it cause your alarm didnt go off, then that is a piss poor excuse cause you knew that there was a meeting. Sorry about the complaining but it gets old.
Just had a run in with a co-worker and she states that "we dont work in medical records", what the *#$%, ya whatever, she is the lazy one of all the nurses and cant get out of her chair to walk her ass down to records, instead she will sit and play on myspace. HMMM go figure!!! It just irritates me when people comment on that we are lazy and dont get anything. Who are you to be saying all this crap, are you in medical records 24/7 watching us with your spy camera. If so, then get a friggin life and mind your own business and keep on your carpet side.
But in a typical business office you will find that one person that wants someone else to do your job and we have ours. I finally shot back at her and said to get some exercise and walk down to records, if it is that much of a hurry to get faxed for someone that has an appt in DECEMBER!!!! Give me a fricken break!! We empty those baskets liek 3-5 times a DAY and we dont work, ooops our bad!
Sorry again for that ranting raving but this one person irritates me and i feel like im pmsing 365 days a year but she brings it out in me and im tired of it.
Good thing it's almost the holiday season and have a few days off to get my mind off work, YIPPEE!!!
Well until later!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Time of My Life

So as you are all aware that I went to the New Kids on the Block concert on saturday night. And I tell you what, for those guys being in there late 30's-early 40's they can shake it like a salt shaker, lol!!!
Even though people have given me crap about going to see the New Kids on the Block, I just block it out because for one, they were my favorite musical group when i was younger and I have never seen them, so it was awsome to finally see them in concert and second of all, they may be older but they still have there talent and moves. Ya they may be old but you cant tell cause they obviously kept in shape and eat right to stay young. Helps to eat right and exercise. I give them props for coming back and touring after 15 years. I will post a video later, once I get them uploaded.
Awsome performance saturday night though and I had a great time and that is all that should matter.
Other then the concert, we left sunday afternoon and went to my friends Erins friends that lived in Maple Valley. We spent about an hour or so there chit chatting away and playing with there 2 year old daughter that is adorable. Then we were off on the road back to reality!!!
It was soooo nice to get home and into my own bed and too see Robert.
Well until later when i post some pictures and video of the concert, WOOT WOOT!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's FRIDAY!!!!

So I know everyone is gonna be jealous because I am gonna be going to see NKOTB and for all you peeps that dont know what those abbreviations mean, it stands for New Kids on the Block, WOOT WOOT!!! Going to see them tomorrow night in Tacoma with my friend Erin and her sister Megan.
I grew up loveing these guys and owning every single item they made i swear, from the the dolls to the bed spread and sheets, shirts, tapes, keychains and posters. You name it and i probably had it, lol!!!! And this will be my first time seeing them in concert so I am SOOOOOOO excited. The only sad thing is that Robert isnt going, :( but he is thankful he isnt because he doesnt really care for them. So he gets a weekend to himself.
Not sure what he is gonna do, probably just house sit for his brother, cause he too is going to the concert with his wife and it so happens that we are staying in the same hotel as Russ and Dana. Small world it is. Plus he will probably watch football with his daddy-o and possibly his mom too.

Im just counting down the minutes where i get off work at both jobs and doing laundry then off we go at 10:30am to tomorrow to go watch the boys.
Im hoping we go to the Cheesecake Factory, cause I have not gone there in forever and it is some YUMMY foods plus the best cheesecake known to man. I think we are also gonna visit erins friend that lives up that way as well.

Well I best be jetting off back to work but I wanted you too know what I was gonna be doing this weekend because I wont be blogging.
Until then...............

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Foggy Day

So I was informed this morning by Dr. Smith's nurse Sandra, that Patty (Roberts mom) got the job as a receptionist at Dr. Smith and Dr. Stringers office ( Northwest Health and Wellness). So Congrats to Patty!!!! Im so happy for her and especially at the this time of year, when she needed it the most, due to the stocks decreasing fast. Now Philip (roberts dad) will have to have dinner ready for Patty for when she gets home, lol!!! We were teasing him saying he will need to take cooking 101. And no hot pockets!!!
But other then that my day has been content and rachel just got here so now i dont have to work much, lol!!! Kidding I do however have all my scans done and now im typing in my blog, lol!
I am really dreading going to work tonight at the toyota center for some stupid volleyball tournment. Not gonna be doing anything except for my MA books. I wish I was done with the program but there is alot to learn. But anyone that is interested in doing the MA program, I would recommend that you check out the Ashworth University website.
I will blog more later!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Words to my friend

I just want to let Rachel know that I will always be there if she needs someone to talk to or even vent too, cause that is what friends are for. I really worry about her cause she has two beautiful children and one jackass of a husband. I know she will be alright is she is on her own cause she has tons of friends at work that care about her and are willing to do whatever it takes to lend a hand. I already had one of our receptionist say " I have grandchildren already but im willing to have more" and that is what my friend needs right now. Someone that will help her out and also that cares about her.

Rachel is the type of person that is very grateful for everything and is not shy to tell you thank you, but is alittle hesitant to ask for help, even though she knows she will get the help she needs from her friends and family. I think it's because she is used to doing it on her own but in this time of need, ask for help! She has always been there for everyone else and now is our turn to step up and help her. I just want to let everyone know that Rachel is a good person and just needs people to pray for her and let her know everything is gonna be ok.

As for me, Robert bought me an Iphone last night and I cant thank him enough for it, even though i got mad at him because he got one before i did. But im soooo happy that we are on the same plan now and it's a step in the right direction. Love my phone!!!!

So tonight I told Robert I would workout with him and go into the hot tub but then I thought a second and cant do the second thing because of a women issue, so maybe take a rain check on that for later. :( But I promised to workout because today is the only day i can workout cause i have to work the next couple of days and nights, blah!!! I owe it to him though to workout.

But I will updaye more later!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It Takes Two

So i have a friend that is going through some tough times right now with her significant other and he is kinda putting the blame on her on some things and has to drag the kids names through all of there problems. But last time I checked women cant really get pregnant on there own, well you can if you are doing a sperm donor, but still. Anyone that is married and decide to have children means that the other is wanting to help out with the duties and chores, not just the mother doing it all. But in this case it's the father that thinks he does everything and trys to lay the guilt trip on the other on how he doesnt have a life and she does. Um wrong, you both can have lives you just have to split the duties and suppost one another to do so. You cant just blame the wife cause she was invited to go to a co-workers party and are willing to take the children and then complain about it cause your tired, i dont think so. Men can be jerks!!!! Not all but some!!
My friend is a loving person to her children and to her husband when he isnt being an ass and she is trying to keep them as a family but it's hard when he likes to say "negative" stuff towards her. You can only do so much and you only have to take so much also.
Love one another and not fight!!

Bad Night that turned to Good

So I get a random text yesterday "saying How is medical records going" and not knowing who it was, I responded with "good and who is this"!! Kinda made me laugh cause the person kept going back and forth with me and messing with my mind. Come to find out later on cause I started picking up on the clues as to who the person was, which happened to Robert. He got a new cellphone and cellphone number, which im happy about.
That is just the kind of guy Robert is. Robert can make someone laugh if they are sad and can be there if you need a hug or someone to talk to. I think that is what made me fall in love with him. I know he will always be there for me as well as I will always be there for him. We complete each other. LOL!!! I know that sounds corny but it's the truth.
However, I felt bad last night after we got home from his parents house, because I was happy that he got a new cellphone but it was the phone that I wanted, which is the iphone 3G. So I got upset and didnt want to talk to him or even get a kiss from him when he was trying to give them out. I just turned my head and it made me feel bad after he left the room saying "well you dont talk to me either". I just started crying again because he didnt do anything wrong, it was me that did.
By the end of the night though we had been talking and I had gotten things out in the open on how i was feeling. It's always good to talk about things before you go to bed so you dont go to bed angry.