Thursday, January 8, 2009

So tired.....

This photo proves how I am feeling right now! I know I slept good but when I woke up I knew I wanted to go right back to sleep cause I was all snuggled in my bed and warm. When i got up to take my shower, I thought it would wake me up which it normally does but for some odd reason im so tired, could be that i havent had any caffine which im trying to wean myself off of. I should have stopped and got a diet soda or coffee to wake my ass up.
I chose this picture cause laying in the middle of the road seems nice right about now becuase you have an empty road with no worries and no one to bother you. How nice would that be if a stretch of highway was closed down just for a little bit so you can just lie there and take it all in without a car running over you. It would be like heaven. Too me atleast.
I know I havent blogged in awhile but I havent really had things to write about, I mean there are some things I could mention but it's not really worth it cause nothing gets resolved around the work enviroment, so why bother. Its kinda the same thing with friends. It takes to two to make a friendship work or in our group of friends it takes awhole lot more to keep your friendships. We have a couple friends that are married (Miriam and Pat) that we havent hardly talked to in months and I think it's because if miriam is unhappy then she wants everyone else to be unhappy. With her being unhappy, i think its because she wants to have kids but she has a hormonal issue and so it makes it hard to do so. But you know that is what friends are for, is too talk to not push away. So we cant really help her or comfort her cause she pushed us out and she only lets certain people in at a time. Whatever!!! Im done trying.
On another not about done trying, Im done trying to please everyone in this clinic because no matter how hard me and rachel work, we arent satisfying everyone especially our office matter. Cant anyone just for once say what a good job we are doing, the papers in our shred box get there for a reason, oh can you say scanning!!! There is one person in this whole clinic that only works 2 days a week that can take time to say "Thank you for all the work you do for me" and he doesnt say it once he says it anytime he sees us walking or sitting at our desk. So i want to thank him because we do do work in medical records. Ya we have the door shut all the time and that is to keep out all the idiots but unfortunatly they still find a way in. And this is off the subject of that but there is also a girl that we work with that has always irritated me and lately it has gotten worse cause all she talks about is her damn kid. I mean the little one is adorable and she has nothing to do about it but her mother, good god, shut up for just a minute. NO ONE CARES!!!!
Enough ranting and raving, i feel like someone blogging on craigslist. I promise I will update more later!! I got my two cents in for today!!

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