Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is it over tired!!!

I know I do it to myself but all that keeps me going is that im bringing
home money to payoff some bills. But there is a stopping point where
you get too exhausted to even function or stay healthy. I know im in
that boat right now. Only dayoff from both jobs was Super Bowl
sunday then it was back to work full throttle. I can be the first to say
that I think im running myself down and that is why im sick, blah!!!!
I know everyone has been telling me to take it easy and take a dayoff
and rest and I wish I could but then i would just get bored, but it is a
thought that i might have to consider on friday during the day.
I know this is a random post but I told my friend that I was gonna post something today since it was a boring day, that is after I got all my scans done.
Tonight might be a early night like last night was, i think it was 9 o'clock when i fell asleep. Being sick sucks.
Robert has been great and has been taking care of me, with making me dinner 2 nights in a row to just being there. I couldnt have found a better boyfriend.

So off the subject, I was emailing my best friend erin yesterday and she asked if i liked the color navy blue, which I do, it's a pretty color, well she told me that i better cause that is the color of the bridesmaids dresses. So she hasnt officially asked me but by that i am thinking she wants me in her wedding and i kinda hinted to that and she said that she of course wanted me in her wedding. I got excited about that. It's gonna be good times once again.

Well sorry about the lamo blog but ill blog more about my friends stupid ex boyfriend, lol!!!

TO BE CONTINUED............................................

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