Monday, February 9, 2009

Can someone just shoot me.............

You can definitly tell it's a monday, all chaos breaks loose after the weekend. People literally think they died over the weekend and need to get in today to see there doctor, but you know they dont think before they speak because you know that your doctor is busy and has a full schedule and you think you can just walk in and see your primary doctor, it doesnt work that way in this facility. That is after checking the doctors schedule and there is still no room for you and yet you still try to persue us to make room for you. If you knew you were sick or whatever your problem is dont you think to think ahead of time and call sooner rather then later.
Then to top it all off you have some people that drive you nuts and just irritates you, I know its not there fault and its just how i am feeling right now but please dont add fuel to the fire because im gonna tell you off so im warning you now.
I think im just so irritated with people and its not everyone just some is because im tired and im still trying to get over my cold and with certain people nagging me or making fun of me or just being stupid isnt helping. Yeah I work two jobs and havent really had a dayoff since superbowl sunday. IM TIRED so therefore leave me alone and let me complain. I know it's money and I do it to myself but i have the freedom of speech to bitch and complain.
Im just tired of it all!!! If you dont have anything nice to say then dont talk to me, Im not gay (i know it's ment as a joke but still, it gets old) and im not a cry baby either. Im not trying to be harsh but please just be my friend and ya!!! Let me vent please!!!
Well I tihnk im done bitching for now...............until later!!!

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