Thursday, November 20, 2008

Foggy Day

So I was informed this morning by Dr. Smith's nurse Sandra, that Patty (Roberts mom) got the job as a receptionist at Dr. Smith and Dr. Stringers office ( Northwest Health and Wellness). So Congrats to Patty!!!! Im so happy for her and especially at the this time of year, when she needed it the most, due to the stocks decreasing fast. Now Philip (roberts dad) will have to have dinner ready for Patty for when she gets home, lol!!! We were teasing him saying he will need to take cooking 101. And no hot pockets!!!
But other then that my day has been content and rachel just got here so now i dont have to work much, lol!!! Kidding I do however have all my scans done and now im typing in my blog, lol!
I am really dreading going to work tonight at the toyota center for some stupid volleyball tournment. Not gonna be doing anything except for my MA books. I wish I was done with the program but there is alot to learn. But anyone that is interested in doing the MA program, I would recommend that you check out the Ashworth University website.
I will blog more later!!

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