Friday, November 21, 2008

It's FRIDAY!!!!

So I know everyone is gonna be jealous because I am gonna be going to see NKOTB and for all you peeps that dont know what those abbreviations mean, it stands for New Kids on the Block, WOOT WOOT!!! Going to see them tomorrow night in Tacoma with my friend Erin and her sister Megan.
I grew up loveing these guys and owning every single item they made i swear, from the the dolls to the bed spread and sheets, shirts, tapes, keychains and posters. You name it and i probably had it, lol!!!! And this will be my first time seeing them in concert so I am SOOOOOOO excited. The only sad thing is that Robert isnt going, :( but he is thankful he isnt because he doesnt really care for them. So he gets a weekend to himself.
Not sure what he is gonna do, probably just house sit for his brother, cause he too is going to the concert with his wife and it so happens that we are staying in the same hotel as Russ and Dana. Small world it is. Plus he will probably watch football with his daddy-o and possibly his mom too.

Im just counting down the minutes where i get off work at both jobs and doing laundry then off we go at 10:30am to tomorrow to go watch the boys.
Im hoping we go to the Cheesecake Factory, cause I have not gone there in forever and it is some YUMMY foods plus the best cheesecake known to man. I think we are also gonna visit erins friend that lives up that way as well.

Well I best be jetting off back to work but I wanted you too know what I was gonna be doing this weekend because I wont be blogging.
Until then...............

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