Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Words to my friend

I just want to let Rachel know that I will always be there if she needs someone to talk to or even vent too, cause that is what friends are for. I really worry about her cause she has two beautiful children and one jackass of a husband. I know she will be alright is she is on her own cause she has tons of friends at work that care about her and are willing to do whatever it takes to lend a hand. I already had one of our receptionist say " I have grandchildren already but im willing to have more" and that is what my friend needs right now. Someone that will help her out and also that cares about her.

Rachel is the type of person that is very grateful for everything and is not shy to tell you thank you, but is alittle hesitant to ask for help, even though she knows she will get the help she needs from her friends and family. I think it's because she is used to doing it on her own but in this time of need, ask for help! She has always been there for everyone else and now is our turn to step up and help her. I just want to let everyone know that Rachel is a good person and just needs people to pray for her and let her know everything is gonna be ok.

As for me, Robert bought me an Iphone last night and I cant thank him enough for it, even though i got mad at him because he got one before i did. But im soooo happy that we are on the same plan now and it's a step in the right direction. Love my phone!!!!

So tonight I told Robert I would workout with him and go into the hot tub but then I thought a second and cant do the second thing because of a women issue, so maybe take a rain check on that for later. :( But I promised to workout because today is the only day i can workout cause i have to work the next couple of days and nights, blah!!! I owe it to him though to workout.

But I will updaye more later!!!

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