Monday, November 24, 2008

Time of My Life

So as you are all aware that I went to the New Kids on the Block concert on saturday night. And I tell you what, for those guys being in there late 30's-early 40's they can shake it like a salt shaker, lol!!!
Even though people have given me crap about going to see the New Kids on the Block, I just block it out because for one, they were my favorite musical group when i was younger and I have never seen them, so it was awsome to finally see them in concert and second of all, they may be older but they still have there talent and moves. Ya they may be old but you cant tell cause they obviously kept in shape and eat right to stay young. Helps to eat right and exercise. I give them props for coming back and touring after 15 years. I will post a video later, once I get them uploaded.
Awsome performance saturday night though and I had a great time and that is all that should matter.
Other then the concert, we left sunday afternoon and went to my friends Erins friends that lived in Maple Valley. We spent about an hour or so there chit chatting away and playing with there 2 year old daughter that is adorable. Then we were off on the road back to reality!!!
It was soooo nice to get home and into my own bed and too see Robert.
Well until later when i post some pictures and video of the concert, WOOT WOOT!!!

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Steph said...

we only tease you about them cuz we love you! You'd think something was wrong if we weren't harrassing you about something!!