Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It Takes Two

So i have a friend that is going through some tough times right now with her significant other and he is kinda putting the blame on her on some things and has to drag the kids names through all of there problems. But last time I checked women cant really get pregnant on there own, well you can if you are doing a sperm donor, but still. Anyone that is married and decide to have children means that the other is wanting to help out with the duties and chores, not just the mother doing it all. But in this case it's the father that thinks he does everything and trys to lay the guilt trip on the other on how he doesnt have a life and she does. Um wrong, you both can have lives you just have to split the duties and suppost one another to do so. You cant just blame the wife cause she was invited to go to a co-workers party and are willing to take the children and then complain about it cause your tired, i dont think so. Men can be jerks!!!! Not all but some!!
My friend is a loving person to her children and to her husband when he isnt being an ass and she is trying to keep them as a family but it's hard when he likes to say "negative" stuff towards her. You can only do so much and you only have to take so much also.
Love one another and not fight!!

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