Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just another day!!

Just another day in paradise at work, lol! Had to be at work a half hour earlier for a ALL STAFF meeting, which is bogus cause not everyone shows up half the time, so why do you make it a mandatory meeting, when not everyone shows. There should be some kind of penalty for not showing up, I mean if you have a ligit excuse like driving from prosser or a grandma's dead or even school (taking a test) then that is ok but not making it cause your alarm didnt go off, then that is a piss poor excuse cause you knew that there was a meeting. Sorry about the complaining but it gets old.
Just had a run in with a co-worker and she states that "we dont work in medical records", what the *#$%, ya whatever, she is the lazy one of all the nurses and cant get out of her chair to walk her ass down to records, instead she will sit and play on myspace. HMMM go figure!!! It just irritates me when people comment on that we are lazy and dont get anything. Who are you to be saying all this crap, are you in medical records 24/7 watching us with your spy camera. If so, then get a friggin life and mind your own business and keep on your carpet side.
But in a typical business office you will find that one person that wants someone else to do your job and we have ours. I finally shot back at her and said to get some exercise and walk down to records, if it is that much of a hurry to get faxed for someone that has an appt in DECEMBER!!!! Give me a fricken break!! We empty those baskets liek 3-5 times a DAY and we dont work, ooops our bad!
Sorry again for that ranting raving but this one person irritates me and i feel like im pmsing 365 days a year but she brings it out in me and im tired of it.
Good thing it's almost the holiday season and have a few days off to get my mind off work, YIPPEE!!!
Well until later!!!

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