Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So here at work we have come up with some new friends that we can all get along with. It all started with Freda (which is Rachels friend). She has one heck of a personality and needs just alittle lovin, but no Freda has to go about and flaunt her stuff and embarress the rest of the clan. Darlene is now my friend and she is more of the laid back and relax type that is all about the 60's era. Yes that means smoking the dubbies but I have told her that no guy likes someone that smokes. It's like kissing an ash tray but she just doesnt seem to listen to anyone.
I guess you can tell how bored we are at work, if we have to make stories up about our imaginary friends, that really do exist in the real world in the Ada County Jail, we are just trying to improve there life. It's all about Peace, Love and War with Darlene.
I just wanted to introduce Darlene to everyone so that you can all get along with her and make her feel at home, since she too is a newbie.

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