Friday, December 19, 2008

Why Tomorrow?

I understand that I promised to go with you this weekend to go to Idaho to see some friends but have you not looked outside and realized what the weather was like and read or listened to the radio the news or newspaper have to say. I know you have lived there for several years and have driven the roads but that was then and this is now and you have to realize that there is more than you involved in this trip now. I am just concerned about the roads, yeah they clear the main ones but you have to worry about the side streets and those are the ones they havent cleared.
I know your friend is gonna understand with the driving and for our safety, but if you are that stubborn then you can go by yourself cause i want to be alove this christmas and have to worry about the stupid drivers in town rather the stupid drivers on the highway and in other towns. Please forgive me, when i tell you that i cant go. I love you with all my heart and hope that you dont go as well and that we will be able to talk about this without argueing. And why do you have to be so stubborn?
I just want to stay home and be safe a travel after the new year.
I have had so many friends and family tell me that we would be stupid if we traveled and im beginning to agree with them but iff someone could knock some sense into Robert that would be wonderful, he doesnt get it. I want to cry to hime about it to make him understand how
dangerous the roads are gonna be and possible get stuck in idaho. I dont think so.
PLEASE FOR ONCE JUST LISTEN TO ME!!!! You know I love you more then anything. Do this for me.

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