Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So Im still here on the Urgent Care side giving the receptionist a break so she can go eat some pizza and im here typing my blog, lol!!! What a busy day I've had. I did however finish my scans for today but there is always more to be scanned in.
Another thing, I did have a run in with one of our doctors and he was kinda telling me and my other counter partner on when we can take our lunch break, hmmmm last time i checked it was a free country. Sorry you were waiting for something but how hard is it for these nurses to learn how to pull up faxes, if we arent there. HMMMMM not hard. And I will take my lunch break when I feel like it and if there is a problem then talk to my supervisor because you dont see us going and taking smoke breaks in between patients and when your doctor/husband is looking for you. What is with the power trip going on with this one doctor. Is he wanting to make enemies oh wait he already has those, lol!!!!
Sorry about the ranting and raving but I too am a human being and have the right to free speech. Update more in a bit!!!

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