Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow already........

As I was watching the news this morning, it mentioned that there is a possiblity of snow friday night if not saturday night. All I have to say is WOOT WOOT!!!! I love the snow, the only part I dont like is when it freezes and as slick as hell.
But the way the weather has been lately I wish it would just snow already cause is usually ass cold out at night but there is nothing to show for it except for the frost on the windows, which is annoying cause you have stand out in the cold scrapping it off the windows. God is teasing us with the weather I think. But I can tell its not gonna be a bad winter because here it is almost the middle of december and it still hasnt snowed and by this time last year we had snow up until like april, pretty much.
Ok im done playing weather forecast lady. Today has been a really slow day that is because I got all my scans done by 10am and then I was just cruising through the faxes and got those done so I thought I would cruise through the doctors files in chartconnect and printed off the labs and radiology and got those done and then decided to fiddle my thumbs for a bit. Got some letters done that our billing lady brought down for us to address the envelopes. Now Im blogging because im bored.
Today is just a random thought day. Not awhole lot to talk about.
Have to work tonight at the Idols In Concert and hoping i dont have to stay forever and a day at it because i would rather be at home with Robert and visiting with him and seeing how his day went and just being there with him. We enjoy each others company. Even if we arent talking and just sitting there.
Well until later, I know this is a boring thought today but least it is something.

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