Thursday, December 4, 2008

So Im sitting at work with all my scans done, well there are a few that need to be done but gotta leave me something to do tomorrow morning for a few then rachel will jump on my computer to do her work and scans. YAY for having my work done but BLAH for being bored. Basically Im just sitting here fiddling with the keyboard think of things to type about but there isnt really much going on in lala land.

Thought this was a cool boredam picture, that I got off a neat website that my lovely co-worker introduced me too called, people should check it out. I would have never even know about this website if it werent for my friend. So thanks to you!!!!

As for leaving here in about an hour and a half, not sure what i will do till then but will think of something and blog later, sorry!!!

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Rach said...

See thats cos I is smart heh and I look like this right now.. 8D cos I been staring at the damn Wii tennis game for so long lol WOOOOOO!