Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Sorry........

I know I shouldnt have been mad on friday about the reception guy not being at work becuase he really did have a legit reason as too why he wasnt at work, he got hit in the mouth with a hockey puck and is now having to have surgery on his mouth and too replace his tooth with a rod and then with another tooth. Poor guy :( I feel really bad about my post before this one and Im sorry for that. He is my friend and I should have thought more about that instead of the reaction I gave him. I did apologize to him about my behavior and hope he can forgive me.
I did however get a text from him the next day and I got to explain myself to him and he was awsome and forgave me and that Im still his favorite and he is mine as well. Poor thing had to have surgery today and get a post in and those hurt like no other.
So far today has been busy with some stupid pts calling thinking they are dieing and need to get in right away, like right now, which the provider they are wanting isnt available this week cause he is booked solid with NO openings and they wanted to be worked in, um it doesnt work like that. But we do have the Urgent Care available to them and I let them know, so if anything goes down it isnt my fault you didnt listen to me.
But the highlight of my day was this morning when Robert decided to get up early and cook me breakfast (Waffles that is). I thought that was so sweet of him. I actually was thinking about making them for him this morning. So that made me happy.
Well today is about up and I get to leave and go see Robert, YIPPY!!!!

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