Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Days!!!

So I like the snow but i hate driving in it, but I
knowit is something I have to do in order to get
to work.
So I dont get why people get all fussy over the
snow, like they say on the radio stations and television, DRIVE SLOW and not like a race car
driver otherwise it will be you that is in the accident and harming others. But driving slow doesnt mean going 2 miles an hour either, just be smart and go a smart speed and you will be ok.
So this picture was taken inside Denny's looking out into the parking lot. LOL!!!! Rachel and I felt like having french dip sandwiches and cheesy fries and yes I know, GREASE=BAD and UNHEALTHY!!! But when we got our food our cheese wasnt melted on the fries. So guess next time we will ask for cheese on the fries that is melted, didnt know there was two different kinds but ok.
Right now i am not wanting to work because I have my scans done except for the ones jen put in my basket from the mail.
Well I will update later about the weekend.

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