Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I got to work this morning kinda late for me, that is usually here at like 7:20am but today i wasnt feeling like coming in that early but I was here at 7:45a.m., with me stopping at PIC 2 to pick up the usual things and then I was like I need to go to wal-mart and buy myself another pair of cheap knock off crocs and some coverup, so I did but I did also buy some christmas lights for the house and christmas cards. Im on a role this year for christmas and I dont know why either. Now we will see about mailing the presents to my mom, lol!!!!
Today has been dragging on and on and I think it's because I have had my scans done since 9:30a.m. this morning and have been scanning them as they come in. So now im bored and here in records by myself, :( !!! Come back rachel so I have someone to pick on and beat up, lol!!! I am however been listening to the christmas station all day and it will be the only day I get too cause Rachel doesnt like the music, bah humbug!!!! Just Kidding!!!
I just like the variety of music every now and then, no biggie!!!
Only an hour and a half left of work then im off to the other job tonight, hockey game, woot woot!!! Even though I would rather be in bed resting but gotta make that money for the holidays, right?

I know im just talking about random thoughts, but as im doing so I can hear over the christmas alittle boy in the waiting area whining and crying and it is kind of annoying, it's like I know your sick and miserable but whining wont make you feel better and i know it sounds harsh cause it's a little kid but come on where is the parent. LOL!!!! But yet on the other hand it might not be the kid that is sick and the parent and the parent is just ignoring the crying child that is annoying to listen to. Now im being the bah humbug!!
Well I best be going until next time!!!

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Rach said...

Um.. Christmas Music? I leave you for one day and you turn on that shiat?! WTF!! Smack down tomorrow my beotch, oh yes, the smackdown >:)