Friday, December 5, 2008

Money vs Work Party

As Im sitting here on good ole PIC receptionist desk, contemplating on weather I should of been firm and said "no" I wont help or sure I will and not being able to stand on my own to feet and
tell my boss how I felt about covering the front
desk because she made a mistake and forgot
that one of the workers had a dentist appt.
Why couldnt she cover the desk because she made the mistake.
Now Im gonna complain cause i just got word that the receptionist that we are covering for is not comeing back to work cause he has to get a tooth pulled and it's one that is in the front of his mouth and he doesnt want to face patients with a tooth missing but he can face people at the party and drink. Im especially mad because me and my counter partner Rachel are now having to cover his shift and that takes away from doing our work so I best not be hearing complaints that there isnt anyone in medical records for the rest of the day and especially from that one certain doctor from earlier this week.
Greg will be getting a shout at when I am off work at the rink and have some liquior in my system and he better be suppling the drinks also. I know it's a team effort but give me a break, do you see me calling in sick, NO!!!! Or even when I go to the dentist, I still come in afterwords and that is with having teeth pulled. Seriously you are how old, give me a break!!!! WUSS!!!
I think im done venting for now on here!!!

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